Les serpents au graphite de Zoe Keller

L’artiste de Portland aux USA Zoe Keller a réalisé une série de dessins de serpents au graphite intitulée Scale & Bone.

Des reptiles sinueux en noir et blanc dont chaque dessin exprime la bascule entre la vie et la mort, le cycle de la vie.

Une artiste fascinée par ces animaux et qui milite pour leur protection, travaillant notamment avec l’organisation Save the Snakes.

My deep fascination with snakes began in 2019, with my series exploring the biodiversity of Zion National Park. One of the drawings in my ‘Zion’ show, which I also reproduced as a color poster, features snakes that can be found within the park. I noticed both at the opening for this show and at events where this poster was sold that this drawing stirred up particularly strong reactions in viewers. Many loved snakes so much that upon seeing the drawing they immediately wanted to share their encounters with snakes, both in the wild and as pets. Others were so afraid of snakes that even a drawing of snakes made them uncomfortable, and the voicing of this discomfort was an almost involuntary reaction. After these experiences, I decided to do a more in depth exploration of these polarizing creatures, finding visual language that celebrates their intricate beauty, their important roles in ecosystems, and the fragile nature of species now at risk of steep decline and extinction.

Après comment dessiner un serpent, voici quelques serpents au graphite de Zoe Keller:
(plus de ses créations sur le site web de l’artiste ici ou sur son compte instagram là)









toutes les photos: credits Zoe Keller

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